What is Holistic Nutrition?

Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Feb 08, 2021

what is holistic nutrition

Holistic - Concerned with whole rather than analysis or separation into parts.

A human body is affected by a variety of factors – both internal and external such as – food, exercise, emotions, stress. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I believe that we need a balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help our bodies reach maximum energy levels and overall physical and emotional health. Every individual is different and requires different amounts of these nutrients. A Holistic Nutritionist creates a diet that matches each individual’s nutritional needs. Also, a Holistic Nutritionist is qualified to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health.


Holistic Nutrition

Making the right and healthy food choices can help to prevent many health problems including heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalances etc. Holistic nutrition addresses digestion, adequacy, balance, and moderation for each individual. A healthy diet includes intake of the right amounts of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes, dairy, probiotics, oils, nuts and seeds. The quality of the food should be good, clean, locally grown or Organic. One should eliminate or minimize (as much as they can) the intake of processed and refined foods. Consuming water and fresh juices are not only beneficial to keep one hydrated but also it nourishes the body with nutrients.

Our body responds to the way we think and feel. When we are stressed, upset or under emotional pressure, our body tries to tell us about the symptoms which occur and we always tend to ignore them. A true healing begins with self awareness. Holistic Nutrition is not only emphasized on the physical body but also on our mind and soul. A healthy mind and a healthy body make true Wholistic ‘you’. So, A Holistic Nutritionist works on the client by educating them how to make healthy choices in their life by giving nutritional recommendations with the concept of mind body medicine -the relationship between the body, the mind and health. Spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, exercises, Yoga, proper nutrition and self care, can help ‘YOU’ - your body and mind in harmony to make you healthy and fit.

If you have symptoms of any health problems or disease you should, of course, be under the care of a medical practitioner. However, it is a good idea to have the help of a Holistic Nutritionist to make the most of your efforts. Changing a diet for the benefit of health is always challenging. Don’t be too hard on yourself for making mistakes; this will only cause negative attitudes that can actually make your health take a turn for the worse. Have fun experimenting with different foods. Enjoy making a healthier you and let me help you with all your Nutritional needs. Invest & give yourself and your family the gift of love by choosing a Holistic lifestyle. 




Here are some of my simple tips to get you started: 

1- Always try to eat at least one meal a day that consists of strictly raw foods (i.e. a big-  salad with a variety of vegetables, seeds, sprouts, avocado) 

2- Consume organic whole and unprocessed foods diet whenever possible. Food additives, pesticides, refined and chemically foods are foreign to the body and put unnecessary stress on the liver’s detoxification processes

3- Eat food that resonates with your DNA. Find out all the recipes which your parents, grandparents used to make when they were growing up. Traditional food recipes are generally rich in nutrition and consist of a variety of food groups. 

4- Eat at least one meal with your family on the table without any technology. If you live alone remember you are your best company. Make yourself a nice table, light up that candle and enjoy your meal. 

5- Chew your food slowly and properly. There shouldn’t be any rush to finish your meals. 

Give your best and allow yourself to rest and renew. 

healing water

Please allow me: 

Roll your shoulders back, Straighten your back.

Take a deep breath in and out Repeat at least two more times. 

GIve your body a stretch and now get up and drink slowly a tall glass of water. 


I enjoy the foods that are best for my body. I love every cell of my body.

Perfect health is my Divine right, and I claim it now.

Water is my favorite beverage. I drink lots of water to cleanse my body and mind.



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Preeti Gandhi
Mar 15, 2021 at 09:53

Love the insight on holistic lifestyle. The affirmation in the end is so empowering and very aptly put.

Mar 12, 2021 at 17:34

Thank you !

Mar 01, 2021 at 18:23

Enjoyed reading it, 🙏🏼

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