My name is Manika and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, PCOS Expert,whole body cleanse specialist, Yoga Instructor & founder of HolisticBuys based in Toronto, Canada. It is my dharma to provide holistic healing to those who need it. My aim is to empower and support individuals by demonstrating organic improvements in their health & lifestyle. 

I am thankful for experiencing importance of food not just nutritionally but also geographically and culturally as a young child. My parent’s kitchen was home to a perfect blend of Mediterranean, Lebanese and Indian cuisine which has acted as an institute and has impacted me greatly throughout different phases of my kitchen. I learnt the relationship between food and our changing season while growing up in North Africa & India which I have carried with me to Canada.
I met multiculturalism in Toronto with the help of different cuisines. Travelling through different places my passion for food culturally grew immensely. Simultaneously I have been exposed to food that was grown with conventional methods which leads to hormonal imbalances. I got diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 20. My journey to heal myself, learning about my mind & body encouraged me to become a Holistic Nutritionist.
After doing my Business Management I graduated from CSNN and Balanced Life Yoga!

In my kitchen, there will always be vegetables, fruits and legumes. Our go to breakfast is a hearty and crunchy smoothie bowl which instantly puts smiles on my kids faces. With hustle & bustle of school and work throughout the day we look forward to our lunch hour, with Dosas or paranthas on our plates. Dosa is an Indian Crepe and consumed in Southern region of India and Parantha is stuffed chapati from Northern region of India. With the sun setting down and with plenty of anecdotes to share over Mexican or Italian or a simple dal chawal (rice and lentils); we end the day where it starts, in my kitchen.
I have spent over nine years providing 1:1 and family consultations as a Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor. I have gained an understanding that we are what we feed our bodies both physically and mentally. Our thoughts, the quality of food, relationship management, water and air are few things that we feed ourselves everyday. How we cook and ingredients we use in our day to day life can really make a huge difference towards our health. The ideal and holistic way of living is not just about choosing to eat wholesome meals but also how we are cooking them. Are we happy when we cook? Are we storing our food in right containers? Is the face cream or a lip balm that you are using is toxic free? 
Are we generally using sustainable or clean products? I have created a space which offers holistic services and environmentally friendly products. I welcome you to my little home with safe space to grow and build a community. Choose us and learn more about HolisticBuys
I specialize in providing services such as detoxification, hormone management, weight management, wellness programs, one on one or family consultations. 
I believe in nourishing my clients with practical & lasting approach. I want my clients to take care of themselves and their family with my help. I will be right there with you throughout small or big changes. I will provide you the knowledge and tools that work best for your needs. Join me to be part of community that is caring and non-judgmental. Size doesn't matter here - nourishing your soul with good meals, healthy activities and keeping your mental and physical health stronger is more important to me.

Invest in yourself by choosing me to help you with my unique combination of yoga, Ayurveda & natural nutrition. 


 Manika founder of HolisticBuys


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