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Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Mar 15, 2021

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We talk about self confidence and self esteem many times and we talk about how we must do all the things like believing in self etc to maintain. One thing that  plays a major role in maintaining self confidence and self esteem is personal grooming. Personal grooming brings a sense of feel good factor about self. When we get a pedicure or a haircut remember how we feel? Coco Chanel stated that “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” though I feel it goes for all the genders, we all feel uplifted when we care for ourselves. I feel when we groom ourselves we are ready to present ourselves the way we feel best. Also, it created a positive impression as it shows your ability to take care of our body. If you can demonstrate that you enthusiastically take care of yourself then it also gives an impression that you can also take care of the business, project, people, events etc.  

I want to share all the personal grooming tips that I have learnt over the years to maintain my lifestyle. The grooming time which I like to call  “self nurturing or self maintenance”  is also a time when I am spending time with my thoughts and reflecting on things. During this time  I seem to get a lot more ideas for my next project, workshops etc. Here is my overall approach to self nurturing & self maintenance time:

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1- Oral Hygiene is a great start for enhanced dental health, fresh breath & appealing smile!

Incorporate alkaline diet, rinse your mouth after every meal with warm sea salt water or a toxin free mouthwash. Consider probiotics if your tongue is constantly covered in a white film or if you are struggling with bad breath. You may want to consider taking a probiotic in order to control internal yeast, support your gut and clean your tongue with an eco tongue scraper twice a day. Floss your teeth with natural floss after every meal.  Always remember to brush your teeth with natural and organic toothpaste that is both free of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. Both of these things can be quite damaging to your teeth, gums and mouth. You might also want to bring oil pulling part of your mornings back! Book an appointment with your local holistic dentist at least twice a year.

2- Eye Care to enhance the vision,  spark, and take care of puffy eyes or dark circles!

Get a good night sleep, a good rest supports the health of your eyes! We spend a lot of time in front of screens more than usual lately so try to limit the use of blue light devices. Start by taking breaks and blinking frequently when you are watching netflix or working on a laptop. Take a break from digital screens every 20 minutes and keep your computer screen within 20"-24" of your eye. 

Eat a diet rich in lutein and zeaxanthin by  including dark leafy greens, peas, summer squash, pumpkin, brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, carrots, and pistachios. If you are struggling with puffy eyes, Include hydrating foods such as cucumbers instead of just putting them on eyes. Include natural diuretics for a kidney cleanse as well, for example drink dandelion extract tea, lime- pink salt water, parsley-cucumbers-lime juice, parsley salads, green teas, and  herbal teas. My favorite ways of taking care of my tired eyes is by drinking parsley & cucumber juice, using a good quality crystal facial roller and applying a good quality eye cream; I keep mine in the fridge and use it the next morning followed by  exercise. 

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3- Skin  - Glow and hydrate! 

We all feel confident with that naturally glowing skin. To maintain healthy and glowing skin, you need to drink plenty of water and embrace healthy diets, including fruits and vegetables. Adequate rest and regular exercises will also go a long way to keep your skin revitalized. Follow a skin care routine that is good for your skin by bringing sunscreens to your daily routine. I recently learnt that I need to put on sunscreen even when I am not outside while the sun is shining indoors. 

Nourish your skin with natural, toxin free and minerals enriched skin care products. Scrub your face and apply a face mask at least two times a week. I personally use scrubs or masks made in my kitchen or our HB Beauty products. My personal favorites are the HB face scrubs and a homemade scrub with cinnamon and coconut oil. 

I apply our HB Face moisturizer twice a day, the moisturizer is great for all skin types and is made with all natural ingredients. Remember to use cosmetics that are toxin free and are made with natural and minerals enhanced ingredients. Your makeup should be clean enough for you to apply everyday and it shouldn’t clog your skin. 

Lastly, my favorite are the HB Lipsticks, which bring an instant smile and pop of colour to my life which at the sametime hydrates my lips.   Did you know, skin is the largest organ of our body and it soaks whatever we feed it through the products that we apply. Nourishing our skin with natural, toxin free, paraben free, minerals enriched and vegan skin care products is the best way. When our skin is healthy it reflects the wellbeing of an individual from the inside out so adopt a holistic skincare routine with our HB Skin Care products. Using cosmetics shouldn’t mean applying chemicals or ingredients which just masks your face. Natural and truly holistic cosmetics can be pure, toxin free, vegan & minerals enriched. 

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4- Hair Care for all!

Maintaining a hair care routine based on your hair type is important to keep it nourished, soft and healthy.  How often you wash your hair is determined by factors such as your lifestyle, how greasy your hair is, and how often you stay out. 

Here are few best practises for healthy hair:

  • Use hair products that are sulfate free and toxin free. 

  • Avoid hot water and allow your hair to dry by itself instead of using a blow-dryer or hot rollers.  

  • Make it a point to massage your hair using an oil at least once a week, irrespective of your scalp/hair type. This helps to provide nourishment to your follicles and strengthens your hair as well as increases blood circulation. My favorite way of taking care of my hair is giving myself an Indian head massage with warm coconut oil.

  • Apply a protein rich, deep conditioner hair mask once a week. 

  • Get rid of any unwanted hair which is unwanted to you. 

  • Maintain your hair by getting a  haircut or a trim according to your hair needs. If you cannot take care of long hair then invest in a good haircut that is easy for you to maintain. 

5- Can’t forget our Hands, Feet & Nails

Treat yourself, get a manicure or pedicure monthly if you can as you continue to  maintain your hands and feet by moisturizing daily before you sleep. Scrub your feet, cut or file your nails and clean your cuticles on a weekly basis. Buff your nails to give a natural shine. Put a fresh coat of nail colour if you wish. Give importance to your nails hygiene both fingers and toenails.  By now we all have learnt that we  must clean our hands thoroughly to keep bugs away. 

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These are the most effective ways of glowing through grooming along with a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat, and what you put into your body will be reflected on the outside. Exercise regularly to increase blood circulation, by increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital. Smoking, alcohol, processed food, white flours and sugars increases your blood sugar levels that affects our skin health & hormone health. Improve your diet and see for yourself how your physical and mental health improves. Get lots of sunshine, fresh air and spend time in nature! 


“I am beautiful in body, mind, and spirit.”

“My true beauty shines from the inside out.”

“I enjoy life and have a sense of inner peace.”

If you find these tips interesting like, share them with your friends & save for later. Please enlighten us with your favorite grooming tips in comments. 

Be natural, Be You. Namaste. 


manika founder of holisticbuys 

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