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Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Mar 30, 2021

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Spring has sprung and it's that time of the year where we feel that it's time to reset and renew. As we are coming out of the winter hibernation let us reset our health goals, detox goals and refresh where we live - our home. We have a Spring ays of HB Cleanse Program coming up which we are offering for FREE - check out our HB Cleanse Blog for more information. Today I have come up with some holistic ways of spring cleaning of our spaces - where we live and work. 


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Benefits of Spring Cleaning: 


1- A deep spring cleaning of your house can help strengthen the immune system and keep us away from illnesses. 

2- A clean decluttered house can reduce stress and helps with depression, anxiety and mood changes. 

3- When your home is clean, organized and refreshed we generally feel uplifted and motivated which can help with your physical activity goals or deadlines. Cleaning and organizing can help you make healthy habits. 

4- A clean and organized home is inviting for not just guests but also for endless possibilities. I feel we cannot manifest anything in cluttered, dirty, disorganized places. It brings clarity, appreciation and enhances our overall living style. 

Holistic ways of spring cleaning your house  :

1- Do a thorough cleaning - organize and do a seasonal declutter. 

Analyze your clutter and sort out appropriately - recycle, donate, store properly for the keeps and trash if needed. 

2- Clean and organize room by room and involve all the family members. Give age appropriate chores to all the family members. This is a very healthy way of learning new things, making new habits and making new memories. 

3- Use toxic free and natural cleaners only. While you are in this process of cleaning your house don’t end up using harsh chemicals and invite all the toxic load. Use natural biodegradable scrubbers, sponges and reusable cleaning clothes instead of paper towels. 

4- Open windows and doors for optimum ventilation. Buy indoor plants, rock salt lamps and use essential oils to  enhance the quality of the air you breathe. 

5- Be mindful of what kind of products you are keeping in your house. Make sure you use recyclable or biodegradable products. For example our drying balls are the simpleset way to make a swtich!

6- Use sage, copal or essential oils to cleanse and increase the negative ions of your home. 

7- Divide, replant, prune your garden plants. Do not use unnecessary chemicals in your garden and take off those gloves and shoes while you garden. Enjoy the benefits of grounding. 


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A holistic way to keep your house clean is not just scrubbing your house but also making conscious choices, by choosing eco friendly products in your day to day life. Here at HolisticBuys we have handpicked products which will add sustainability to your everyday chores and lifestyle. Check ut our collection of Home essentials, Personal care, Kitchen, Yoga & fitness and our line of Beauty products to make the switch now. Let us help you to use sustainable, ethical and holistic products. We will improve your carbon print and keep your house and our planet clean. 

A thorough house cleaning and using toxic free products can help establish an on going cleaning habits as well as helps us make mindful choices in daily lifestyle. While you are at it don’t forget to put on some music and enjoy the process. 

Always set an intention before you cleanse any space. Take three deep breaths, roll your shoulders back, lengthen your spine, neck and unclench your jaws. Relax your hands, feet and head. 


I cleanse my home of any heaviness and negativity.

I release all energies that do not serve me.

I release any worry from my body and my home.

My home, mind and body is filled with love, light and peace. 



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