Sleep Rituals

Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Mar 29, 2021

Sleep Rituals

Full Moon is here and we want to bring your focus to your sleep. There are many studies on how the moon affects our sleep. Many people feel a rush of energy to finish their tasks and find themselves almost without or too little sleep. Studies show the time people spent in deep sleep decreases by 30% around the full moon. So, plan ahead and use this surplus energy to finish those deadlines or tasks that are sitting on your to do list. MOVE - any kind of movement or new workout challenge can help with a better sleep. Schedule yourself a relaxed full moon evening:

  1. Full moon baths are a perfect way to relax and calm your mind. You can add essential oils to enhance your sleep. You may also say out loud your full moon intentions. 
  2. Listen to relaxing music and avoid watching tv. Read a book or play a board game.
  3. Make yourself a big warm mug of herbal tea. As you sip your tea slowly, use this time to write your gratitude list, thoughts or goals or simply journal your day or week. 

A Magnesium supplement 30 minutes before your bedtime can enhance your sleep. Happy Full Moon! Check out our sleep enhancing collection of essential oils and Aroma mist diffuser humidifiers. More on sleep rituals here 


Health, Love & Light 


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