Tongue Scraping Practise

Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Mar 29, 2021

Tongue Scraping Practise

Tongue scraping is a very old ayurvedic practice. Brushing and flossing are not enough to keep your oral hygiene to the optimum. Tongue scraping is the method used to remove the particles of food and beverages that we consume. Benefits of #tonguescraping
1- Removes toxins out of the body
2- Cleans the debris (white buildup) on the tongue
3- Eliminates bacterias that cause bad breath
3- Enhances sense of taste
4- Promotes positive digestion health and #guthealth
5- Cleans dead skin cells which can give a better and healthier appearance to your tongue
6- Stimulates internal organs
7- Overall oral hygiene

If you have noticed these symptoms like the surface of your tongue shows abnormalities like white & yellow coating, mental fog, hormone imbalances, skin issues like acne, eczema, dryness, bloating or constipation. These symptoms are your body’s way of asking help from you to detox your body. The most ideal time is to be done right after you wake up before even drinking water. Your body does its most detoxing during the night and you don’t want to ingest those toxins. I prefer the stainless steel tongue scraper - Simply extend your tongue fully out, place the scrapper as far as back possible and press firmly yet gently & comfortably pull forward until the scrapper is out of the tongue. Rinse and repeat until the tongue is bright pink and no more junk comes out of the scrapper. Tongue scraping is not just for adults kids can do it too. Begin this healthy habit to improve their oral health and avoid cavities. My kids love seeing the”bad guys” getting out of their bodies. Your tongue health can determine how much acidity, heat in your GI tract or inflammation is present in your body. Make tongue scraping part of your daily routine to enhance your body’s detoxification process. Drink loads of water and incorporate whole body cleanse in your lifestyle to elevate your health goals
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Health, Love & Light

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