Earth Friendly Kitchen

Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Mar 29, 2021

Kitchen and Dining essentials

Have you been thinking of adopting an eco friendly lifestyle and don’t know where to begin? We have you covered. Kitchen is the heart of a home so let’s Show some love to our  health and kitchen! Create an Eco Friendly Kitchen with me: 

By using shopping and produce bags when you go for groceries (duh).

Switch from your basic dish cleaning sponge to a natural loofah which is biodegradable and naturally antibacterial. 

Use toxic free cleaning products to clean your dishes or counters. 

Use cutting boards, utensils and food containers that are made up of sustainable materials. Switch from plastic ziplock bags to silicon sealed food bags.

Plan your meals ahead so that you can avoid wasting produce or cooked meals. Refrigerate your leftovers in an airtight reusable container.

If you have to use disposable plates/cutlery opt  for biodegradable material. 

Use silicone sheets instead of aluminium foils . Use glass or silicone oven dishes instead of foil containers. 

When you make a switch to eco friendly products you are not only helping our environment but also improving your health. Eco products are toxin free in nature and don't load your system with heavy metals or unwanted toxins or chemicals. Check our collection of sustainable  kitchen and dining products. 

Health, Love & Light 



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