Age Group:Adults



  1. "U"Shape Scraper: They more fit your tongue because of flexible and bendable design, and allows you to clean your tongue very safely without risk of nicks.
  2. "Spoon" Scraper: The 30-degree angle head design ensures safety and less disgust, so it is easier to reach the inside of your tongue. Its suitable size is not too big for your mouth, and it is easy to operate.
  3. "Hollow" Scraper: The curved wider scraper head will fit your tongue and make it more convenient to use. The thickened tongue cleaning edge can clean the dirty residue without hurting your tongue and taste buds. It is double-sided use, you can choose arbitrary side as you like.
    How to use?
  4. Wet your tongue and tongue cleaner with water.
  5. Extend the tongue as far as possible and with the tongue cleanser reach to the furthest point of the tongue.
  6. Scrape from the inside out with the stainless scraper.
  7. Repeat the scraping motion 5-8 times until your tongue is clean.
  8. Rinse mouth and clean your scraper with water.

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