Features: Eco-friendly Cotton Produce & Grocery Bags 

These produce bags are made of organic cotton. Polyester-free, nylon-free, washable, unbleached and biodegradable. Safe for humans and the environment with zero waste. These bags are soft, light still strong & durable . Switch from plastic and paper bags & join the zero-waste, eco friendly - a holistic lifestyle!

Suitable for Multi Occasions: The Natural Produce Bags have wide application in life. They're not only great for grocery shopping in supermarket, but also for storage of fruit, vegetables, nuts, snack, toys, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, sports equipment, office supplies, camping tools, travel accessories and more. These bags are lightweight and foldable. You may carry or store in your purse, pockets or glove boxes

Tare Weight Label: The weight is printed on the brightly colored labels, Different colored labels represent different weight, which will help the cashier to find it and deduct the bag's weight easily. 

Reusable and Easy to Clean: You may wash them in a gentle cycle in washing machine or simply hand wash..

Package Includes: 
Package A : 3* Mesh Reusable Bags 
Package B :3 * Cotton Reusable Bags 
Package C : 6* Mesh Reusable Bags(2S+2M+2L) + 3*Cotton Reusable Bags 
Package D : 9* Mesh Reusable Bags(3S+3M+3L) + 3*Cotton Reusable Bags 


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