Features: Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp with USB Charger 

Perfect addition to your home decor, yoga studio, work space & as a gift. After the salt lamp is lit, a large amount of negative ions can be quickly released through heating, which can effectively improve the air quality and purify the air. 

Salt crystal unique natural orange pink light can help relieve stress and relieve fatigue. 



Power supply: USB input 

Material: ABS+PC+ Electronic Components 

Rated voltage: DC5V 

Size: 94 X 94 X 141 mm/3.7 X 3.7 X 5.55 in 

Working current: 100-600mA 

Power cable length: 1.2 m 

Rated power: 3W 

Function: Night light, ambient light, negative Ion Lamp. Choose upto 5 colours. 


Instructions for use: 

1. Touch the key to turn on the warm light, long press the key to adjust the light brightness. 

2. Double-touch the key, color gradient. 

3. Three times touch switch, fixed light color. 

4. Four times to touch the switch, shut down. 



1 salt lamp

1 USB cable

1 specification


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