16 soft sustainable, durable bamboo and cotton rounds that can be washed and reused over and over again. These high-quality and very soft cosmetic pads are three layers, 8cm in diameter.


Comfortable Size: Reusable makeup remover has all the advantages of traditional cotton pads and is softer than regular towels.

Reusable: Biodegradable and washable cotton roundsare environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional disposable cotton pads.

Gentle Cleansers: Using our natural cotton rounds can gently remove impurities, dead skin and dandruff from the skin. Using these rounds in you skincare routine can help prevent acne and blackheads. Suoitable for sensitive and dry skin. 


Reusable Cotton Rounds are the eco-conscious alternative to disposable cotton pads. Each round can be used to remove makeup and apply liquid products—without the waste. Their durable designs can be used and washed on repeat and when they reach their limit, the bamboo-cotton blend is entirely compostable. Saturate a Reusable Cotton Round with any liquid skin care product and gently apply to your face and neck. After each use, place inside the mesh bag and wash on the gentle cycle with your delicates.


Material: 3 Layers Bamboo Cotton (Dark Pink) + 3 Layers Velvet (Light Pink)
Makeup Remover: 8cm/3.15"
Mesh Bag: 19 X 14cm/7.48 X 5.51"
Box: 18 X 8.5 X 4cm/7.09 X 3.35 X 1.57"
Quantity: 16 X Cotton Pads  
1 X Organizer Bag 
Color: Light Pink, Rose Red, Mix Colors 


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