Holistic way of self-wellness

Posted by : Manika Kashyap / On : Feb 22, 2021

Self care in a holistic way


Are you having post Valentine blues? Losing motivation to stay on your self care plans? We are still in strange times and before we neglect our personal wellbeing I have come up with a Holistic approach to Self Care which is to take care of your body, mind & social environment. Self care must be a very important part of your daily life. When we take care of our mental, physical and social wellbeing we bring peace and harmony to our inner self. 

Social Wellbeing 

Set boundaries. Learn to say NO. Prioritize your life instead of pleasing anyone. Remember life is about quality not quantity. Choose quality friendships and relationships for your inner peace. Stop being hard on yourself by putting yourself in places where you don’t feel happy. Allow yourself to feel the energies around you. When we are in the state of awareness we can feel the vibe or energy around us. Release your attachment to the energy triggering you. Respect your emotional wellbeing and sustain your boundaries - the future you will thank yourself. Learn to check in with yourself, don't let your ego get in your way to self care. Stay humble and keep your inner self happy. Make time for your family and friends. Offer and accept support. Giving back to the community or volunteering can bring a great sense of happiness. There are things which we do for our inner satisfaction, find that and make sure you take out time to do that. 


Mental wellbeing at HolisticBuys

Mental Wellbeing 

Practise positive self talk, give gratitude, meditate, journal your feelings. Recognize and manage your own emotions. Don’t label any emotion of yours a negative one. Crying can be so liberating and yet we associate with a negative feeling. When you find yourself not in your true self. Detach yourself from everyone around you and kind of go into your own shell. Take that time to reflect: Why did I feel angry? What triggered me? Am I hurt or angry or sad? What can I do to resolve this? Can I really blame anyone? Give yourself some much needed assurance and love. Never bring guilt or fear when you choose to go into this shell of yours. You are not only working on your personal growth in times like this but you are also choosing to give your best side to people in this situation. Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to. Create a life that feels good inside. Invest your energy where it matters. You may like to read my recent blog about uncertainty and mental wellbeing. Engaging in continuing learning and picking up on new skills can keep our intellectual health in check.


Physical wellbeing at HolisticBuys


Physical Wellbeing

Take care of your body. Treat your body with the respect and love it deserves. Get sufficient rest and sleep. Engage in daily meditation and exercise at least 20 minutes a day. Get a dose of sunlight everyday. Spend time in nature as much as you can. Hiking and picnicking is our family’s favourite to stay active. Yoga can change you from inside and out Yoga is one of my favourite things to do with my children. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated. Cook your meals. Nourish your body with nutrient rich meals. Eating healthy and staying active is a wonderful way of taking care of yourself. Take some time out for personal grooming and caring whether you stay home or not. Nourish your skin by choosing a natural and toxic free skincare routine. File your nails and give your nails a fresh coat of colour. Nourish your hair by applying warm coconut oil on your scalp for a few hours. Indulge in a warm bath and a good book.  More on personal grooming coming soon. 


Manika's Self care


My general self care plan looks something like this: Listening to music - I start my day with vedic mantras playing in my house and as the day passes my playlist changes with my mood. But one thing that keeps me genuinely very happy is music. Upon waking up I do 20 minutes of Yoga practice almost every day which includes surya namaskar and pranayama. I don’t count this practise as a “physical workout” but more of a “mental workout”. Drinking herbal teas is my favourite self soothing practise. It is actually a ritual of my time. I make a big mug of herbal tea and sit in a comfy place in my home with myself. No phone. Just sip my tea and be. Getting some sleep is a big self care for me. It is very important for me that we all have a dedicated bedtime ritual in our family. I hope you feel inspired today and practise self care every day.


Health, Love & Light 


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